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Usually the biggest challenge that any entrepreneur or small business owner faces is "self reflection". That is, coming to the realization that you may require some assistance or "another set of eyes" to guide you to the path of success. Hopefully, you don't wait too late, so that business failure is imminent but reach out for consultation just as large corporations have done for centuries. The bottom line, is to recognize when you need assistance and enlist a reputable consultant for recommendations in many arears including marketing, sales development, business expansion, improvements. They can even help with execution of their ideas. Keep in mind that they are not all too costly and the money that you spend will most likely result in greater savings or increased revenues for you small business.

Reasons can vary but the most common are:

  • Time and cost management - A consultant specializing in small business can help you to develop strategies and tactics for making improvements in financial controls and process efficiency.
  • Specialized Expertise - NO small business owner is an expert in every aspect of their business. Occasionally reaching out for assistance in functional areas like accounting or marketing can make a huge difference in business outcomes.
  • Growth Hacking - Every business, regardless of size reaches a point where they become "stuck", where growth slows to a crawl and they need just to "be pointed in the right direction" in order to continue to thrive.
  • Overload - Sometimes, a business grows "too fast" or there are seasonal variations in product demand. It's a nice problem to have, but requires additional short term staffing to avoid turning away sales or risking damage to your companies reputation.

Let Our expertise work for you

At FarPoint Alliance we have the knowledge necessary to formulate effective strategies that stimulate growth and can strengthen the performance of your company.

We can assist you in increasing revenue, creating steady profits and cohesive action plans for growing your valued enterprise. Our consultants will analyst and define your project, enabling our experts utilizing a combination of technology and a proprietary client engagement model to deliver exceptional results.

Our customer service guarantee is that we promise to stay engaged with every project until our client is 100% satisfied.

The internet is the "Great Equalizer"

Whether you are a small business owner or in the marketing department of a large corporation, you are now investigating the possibility of engaging an digital (online) marketing service to promote your product or services.

In your search, you may have already encountered or even engaged several online marketing companies that have made promises of getting your website ranked number one in Google in a seemly short time - usually thirty days or less.

In truth, those promises are usually misleading because more than likely, the selected search term (keyword) has limited value because they are rarely used in searches and therefore will deliver little or NO traffic. It is like buying a full page ad in a newspaper with low circulation, a good "bragging point" but a bad business decision.

We KNOW that getting good results for your marketing dollars is important to you. We DO NOT risk your budget on low value keywords. Our professional services include keyword research and competitive analysis, to find highly searched keywords, which not only deliver traffic but more importantly are targeted for your product or service. We then work extremely hard for you to get to that top position.

Give us a chance to work for with you, you will not be disappointed.

Building Small Business Excellence ~ One Client at Time ~

  • We are driven by a customer service focus and our desire and aptitude for building lasting unique partnerships with each of our clients.
  • We understand that our greatest asset is the customer and we endeavor to see our Services maximize the client's success.
  • We identify and customize effective strategies and tactics that will build better brand awareness and find new customers.
  • We help clients fine-tune their products/services and operations for optimal performance, achieve objectives and add value by become more agile and future focused.


We providing business consulting services that specializes in the intersection of information technology, marketing, operations and management strategies.
Our approach is uniquely tailored to your business, whether you are a startup through medium-sized organization.
We can assist you in improving performance, efficiencies and growth.

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